Prizes and Rewards

All Half Marathon Finisher @PKDMarathon gets a Finisher's Medal and an online certicate with the Finishing time. However, that's not all ! To add to the excitement, & to make it a little more competitive & fun, we have three different & unique medals for different cut- off timings as follows:

Gold Coloured Medal

Finishing Before 8:00am

Silver Coloured Medal

Finishing Before 8:30am

Bronze Coloured Medal

Finishing After 8:30am

The above criteria will apply to both Male and Female category of runners & across all age groups. IMPORTANT NOTE : The GUN TIME [ NOT CHIP TIME ] will be considered for the allocation of the medals according to the above mentioned cutoffs, which means that the Runner's time starts right after the starting gun goes off and stops when the runner crosses the nish line. In other words your Chip time will usually appear faster than your Gun time, unless you cross the starting mat at exactly the same time as the gun goes off [ possible only if you are an Elite athlete standing right at the front of the lineup in Seeding area A !!! ] ALL THE MEDALS WILL BEAR THE PARTICIPANTS NAME ON IT !!!