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Group Challenge

  1. Group Size‐ must have 7 Members on your group.
  2. Group can have mix‐up of 10km & 21km participants.
  3. Group Scoring will be done on basis of Members participating irrespective race category with Net finish timing for more details click here.
  4. Group scoring with highest points will be announced as WINNER.
  5. Group members are also entitled to receive both awards (Individual & Group Challenge).
  6. TOP 3 Group will be awarded.
  7. In case of TIE, Group having more NO'S of 21km participants compare to other team will be announced as WINNER.
  8. Any member found participating in multiple groups their group will be disqualify.
  9. If two or more teams have the same points and equal Nos of 21km participants, then in that case the individual Team member’s net finishing time will be taken into consideration.

For more information or queries drop email us on or call 9773768435

Group and Group Leader Details:

All Participants Details: